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Oswaldo Guayasamín

page 14 from the worst: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss.  Talks about radical response to death and loss, + how to support someone who is grieving. (click image to go to printable pdf)
[image description: a cut n paste zine page from the worst #1: A Compilation Zine on Grief and Loss. Text reads:
“Circle what you think you might need:
for me to come and hold you
for me to stay outside your door but play you some music
for me to play music for you inside your room
for me to ask you questions
for me to just be near and be silent
for me to hold your hand while you call your other family
to talk about the rest of the family
to go outside and scream
to talk about anything but this death
to get away from here
go to a movie
some kind of ceremony
to get the rest of the roommates out of the house
to get the rest of the roommates to stop giving you uncomfortable looks
to get people to stop trying to cheer you up
to tell everyone else that this is the anniversary day
to tell you that all the mixed things you feel are okay
to tell you the things i love about you
to tell you that this is the worst thing you’ll ever know
to tell you that i want to know everything. it is not a burden.
circle what you think you might need. or write more. i want to be here for you. i want to be your friend”.]

i can’t take this any more but i will, 2011
David Schlaich (part of his ongoing cancer serie)
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mpdrolet: Anaïs Boileau

Hamburglar in Space
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keith hAring boArd$ - circA 86’

Yayoi Kusama


Hellhole Ratrace - Girls

I’m sick and tired of the way that I feel
I’m always dreaming and it’s never for real
I’m all alone with my deep thoughts
I’m all alone with my heartache and my good intentions

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